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Wood and Vinyl fence installation in Van Nuys and surrounding cities


Choosing the right contractor is just as important as choosing styles or types of materials for your projects. The right contractor can help you choose the right materials and give you valuable tips on maintenance to help you get the most and for the longest out of your materials. Creative Outdoors is one of a very few local expert contractors with experience in wood, steel, vinyl & composites. We have been trained & certified by some of the biggest names in the fencing industry for proper installation of the highest quality materials in the industry and have 40 years experience building with wood and 15 years with vinyls & composites.             


Licensed contractors are REQUIRED BY LAW to list their license number on any and all forms of advertisement, but they are not required by law to carry liability insurance (for property damage) and many claim to have no employees to save from having to pay for Workers Compensation insurance. These unlicensed and/or uninsured contractors are usually competitive in their bids, but if an unlicensed contractor damages your home you would have a hard time getting help to cover those costs and if someone is injured while working on your property, you would likely be held responsible. Creative Outdoors is licensed (State Lic. No. 849660) and insured with both liability and Workers Compensation insurances for the protection and peace of mind of our clients and because we've stayed small, we have low overhead which translates to some of the best prices around.  A simple and quick license check with the state license board will verify that a license is valid, in good standing and that the contractor is insured with both liability and Workers Compensation insurances. Use this link to run a check: 


We always recommend that homeowners try and do as much research as possible to have an idea of the styles and materials they'd prefer and to learn what kind of materials they should avoid. One of the worst things we see is a project built using inferior materials or bad building techniques. When it comes to value, nothing beats having it done right the first time by experienced builders.